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By Bianca Spriggs


For the past six months, Angel and I have been co-conspirators for a number of projects. We even shot a short film about mermaids this month, called “Waterbody.”

One of the nice things about shooting your own film is that you don’t have to say, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if they had included such and so in the movie?” You just throw  it in. And lately, Angel has turned our crew onto the lure of building blanket forts. We’re all a little obsessed with them right now.  Even our videographer stoked the flames a bit with this clip from a TV series called, Community, where the characters build a gi-normous blanket fort that takes over a college dorm.

So, we decided that we needed a grown ‘n sexy blanket fort in our film. Here’s how you create your new BFF…Best Fort Forever.

Step 1: Do the opposite of the J-Lo song and get off the floor. Part of what’s so great about a BFF is that it feels like having breakfast for dinner. It breaks the rules. You string a bunch of blankets up and sleep on the floor. Problem is, if you’re grown ‘n sexy, you don’t get to wait for Mom ‘n Dad to show up and help you put all those blankets and pillows back where they belong. Skip the hardwood and use your own bed as your blank canvas. You can enjoy your blanket fort a lot longer this way, too.

Step 2: A BFF is different than a bed canopy because pre-made bed canopies are meant to merely suggest encampment. Usually they match, are sheer, and kinda billowy. And they’re not strung up with fishing or clothes line. We want the opposite of suggestion. First thing you need to do, dig up all the tapestries and swathes of fabric you might have packed away. I don’t know, you might have traveled somewhere and couldn’t figure out what to do with that bright jewel-toned sari you just had to have. Now’s the time to pull it out. A BFF is all about the texture. The more varied the layers, the better. Mix up prints and patterns with sheers, silks, and cotton. Don’t have a ton of fabric? Time for a Goodwill run! Use complimentary comforters or quilts on the bed itself and tons of pillows to give it that authentic blanket fort feel.

Step 3: A ladder, some fishing line, a few nails, and some clothes pins walk into a bar. Well, not really, but if you don’t have a poster bed, you’re going to need to hang the fabric from somewhere. String your line from nails fairly high in the wall. You can go circus big top tent, or you can go more intimate camping tent. Adjust the levels however you like. Just get it up high enough so that the edges of the fabric are brushing the surface of the bed. You might want a friend to help. And definitely a ladder. I like the idea of fishing line because it’s almost invisible and sturdy. But clothing line or a hemp rope would probably be better for heavier fabrics and could give your BFF that rustic feel. For a more authentic BFF feel, you can use clothes pins to strategically hold up your fabric from the line. Don’t like the bare wood and spring look? Get fancy! Paint em gold! Or use clothes pins strategically hidden.

Step 4: Lighting is everything. Once you layer your the fabric the way you like it, you want the right lighting otherwise your BFF will look like a BHM (Best Hot Mess). You want someone to walk in your room and say, Ooooooo, not Ewwwww. We used string Christmas lights, icicle style. You can use rope lights, but they get super hot. But here’s where you can get really creative. Blue lights? Pink lights? The world is yours. String them from the top of the BFF, line the headboard, whatever you like! If you’re feeling really froggy, black out your windows with drapery for that occasion so it’s like a slumber party any time of day in your room!

Step 5: That extra special something. Here’s where your own special sauce comes in. I’d tell you the secret ingredient to our BFF which sort of raises the bar for all blanket forts everywhere, but then I’d ruin the surprise in our short film. All I’m gonna say is, “Doncha wish your BFF was hot like ours?”

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak of ours before we all got in there. Happy forting!

Photo courtesy of Angel Clark of Parkour! Media Design


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