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By Bethsheba McGruder

I remember three years ago sitting at my office desk on a break and calling my father to ask him a question.

“Daddy, did you ever think I was gay?”

“Gay as in homosexual? Why would you want to label yourself?”

And that was the end of that conversation. My father is from the generation, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” He still feels with prayer and good counsel, one can eradicate their homosexual tendencies.

Recently, I moved out of my father’s house to the Big State of Texas. I sent a younger “play” sister to stay with him. I did not mention her sexual orientation. After a month had passed, he called and inquired, “Beth, did you know she is alternative?”

“No, alternative? No, daddy, I didn’t know that.”

My father used the word “alternative” as if she was a green apple instead of an orange. He is against same-sex relationships and will quickly back it up biblically or with an intellectual debate.

Despite this, he is a man that has learned to love in spite of differences. Some people want queer folks to go away and not possess the same benefits as heterosexuals. I don’t want to fight that fight. However, the cause I do want to support is simply one of showing respect and love to all. This is in honor of my father for loving me and my queer friends in all of our alternativeness. I thank him.

I have stayed in the closet and I like it that way. Until, I come out, you will have to “Prove It On Me!”

In honor of Ma’ Rainey because she was so out spoken with her aggressive stance that I would like to thank her for stepping out, looking good and singing loud.


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